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Understanding Diabetes and its homemade effective treatment

Garlic for diabetic people. PHOTO | BUSH

Diabetes has been making people around the globe to seek medical assistance without best help. It has a cure if diagnosed early. People find treatment when its still in the earlier stages. Discover ways and means of controlling it by eating natural and homemade treatment.

Diabetes Mellitus occurs when the pancreas fails to form a hormone or catalyst stimulus, or when the body fails to effectively use the insulin stimulus and increase the level of blood sugar (hyperglycemia). Insulin is a stimulus or hormone made by a pancreas to control the level of sugar.

Diabetes can be caused by lower levels of insulin in the body, the body does not hear the stimulus or both. To better understand diabetes it is important to first understand how food is broken and pulled and used by the body to produce energy. When food is low, several incidents happen.

1. The first symptom is sugar called glucose which is the source of the body's immune system that enters the blood.
2. The second phenomenon is a pancreas forming an insulin catalyst. The insulin function is to remove glucose from the blood and absorb muscles, fat cells and liver, where they are used as energy. People with diabetes have a high level of sugar in the blood because their bodies cannot convert sugar into fat cells, liver and muscles to be stored for energy production.

This is due to the following reasons.

1. Inability to produce insulin or Weak insulin.
2. The body is not producing enough insulin as required or for both reasons.


This is diabetes that most affects children and young people. This type occurs if specialized cells that produce insulin hormone are insufficient in the pancreatic glands or are damaged due to any cause, resulting in a lack of deficiency or deficit in the blood.
The potential cause of the damage to these cells in the pancreas is arthritis that can cause individual's immune system or autoimmune diseases, or be attacked by unknown sources.

This is the most common type of diabetes that occurs mostly. This type of diabetes is caused by decreasing the function of the insulin hormone, or the cells fail to use the insulin accordingly.
This is usually caused by obesity or lack of physical activity.
As such, in this type of diabetes, the insulin is produced at a sufficient level but the problem exists on its effectiveness and performance,

It is a type of diabetes that occurs when there is an increase in blood sugar (hyperglycemia) during pregnancy. This type of diabetes affects almost 2 to 5 percent of all pregnant women through most of them get cheaper and recover completely after birth.
However, about 20 to 50% of pregnant women receiving this diabetes can continue to have the disease even after pregnancy and eventually have the second type of diabetes.

🍃 Reasons why people get  gestational diabetic 🍃

Diabetes Problems vary according to the type of disease.

 First diabetes has a very close relationship and inherits. Either this type is also caused by viral infections such as Coxsackie virus type B4.

Other causes include food-borne chemical toxins and cow milk to the infants that can stimulate the immune system to infect the body itself and thus cause damage to the pancreas.

The second diabetes is generally caused by the way a person lives and also the problems of diabetes. A sharp increase in weight and obesity.

Other factors include age-growing, poor lifestyle and non-practice and pancreatitis that causes insulin produced to be less effective or less effective.

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