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Foods to eat or Avoid during the Menstrual period to combat period pains.

Fruits that reduce monthly period pains. PHOTO | FILE

The menstrual cycle is a common phenomenon in women. Some have been facing difficulties during period cycles. We have given out some facts about the cycle that help to ease pain for those who have pains in their monthly periods.

What to eat during that cycle matters alot;   

1.NUTS AND SEEDS. These are rich in magnesium, they help alleviate cravings for chocolates and other junk food. They help you prevent bloating and other related discomforts.
   2. BEANS AND LEGUMES. Your digestive system becomes irregular during these days. Fiber-rich beans and legumes help regularize the digestive system. Too many beans may lead to gas formation. Ensure that the beans are soaked overnight and pressure cooked. Beans also contain vitamin B, which flushes out toxins.
    3.COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATE RICH FOODS. Fruits, vegetables, and whole foods offer relief during periods. These help to reduce sugar cravings for example oranges, plums, pears, cucumbers, corn, and carrots.
   4. CALCIUM RICH FOODS. Your body requires 1200 mg of calcium. Try adding kale, broccoli, and yogurt in your diet. Opt for smoothies made with yogurt and antioxidant-rich foods such as papayas and mangoes as well as sesame seeds.
  5.  VITAMIN C RICH FOODS. Vitamin C supports the quality of your eggs and reproductive system. It is present in grapefruits and lemons. Parsley is high in vitamin C but when used in a tea it helps reduce muscle aches and pains.
   6. EAT FOOD RICH IN VITAMIN E. They help in eliminating period’s symptoms, and is good for your skin too. Indulge in avocados, hemp seeds, and egg yolk.
  7.  VITAMIN B6 RICH FOODS. This is an amazing stress booster. It boosts your moods and keeps the blues away. It fights bloating, these foods are potatoes, bananas, and oatmeal.
8. WATER.  Drinking enough water can solve so many problems on its own. Staying hydrated can prevent acne, keep away cramps and can especially help with bloating.
 9.   GINGER TEA  Sipping on fresh ginger tea may help ease painful abdominal cramping.
10.    DARK CHOCOLATE. Try eating dark chocolate which is low in sugar than milk and white chocolate, dark chocolate relaxes your muscles and keeps you happy.


  1.  Avoid excess dairy products as they can trigger cramps.
  2.  Avoid excess sugar and salt to avoid bloating. Increase the herbs and spices you add to your meals, so they are still tasty and you don’t notice the reduced salt.
   3. Alcohol and red meat are also not good as they can upset your tummy.
  4.  Keep your caffeine intake low. Caffeine can worsen the pain because it constricts blood vessels and raises tension levels making cramping worse.
  5.  Avoid fatty foods. These foods are not kind with the hormonal changes that your body undergoes. High-fat foods have a strong influence on hormonal activity in your body.

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