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Do you want to get pregnant and have your own child natural? Scientist found PIF for women infertility problem

Ovary transplant technology to help millions of young women with fertility challenges. PHOTO | SDE
Ovary transplant technology to help millions of young women with fertility challenges. PHOTO | SDE

Kenyans and Foreign scientists have revealed an invention that will reduce women infertility in Kenya as Millions have been suffering from different causes. 

The team established a way to successfully administer PIF drugs which has natural hormones. The Institute of Primate Research (IPR) is also collaborating with other institutions in US and UK to conduct a research over Men prematurity problems.

A team of Kenyan and foreign scientists has successfully tested what they describe as an effective ovary transplant technology in Nairobi. This is described as the first ovarian tissue transplant in the world without using the normally highly toxic anti-organ rejection drugs.

Using a compound that occurs naturally in pregnant women, called PIF, the technology has shown the capacity to effectively restore ovarian function in affected individuals. “We are excited about this technology which will assist millions of young women who can’t get children due to premature ovary failure,” says Dr Atunga Nyachieo of the Institute of Primate Research (IPR) and a senior party in the study.

Located in Oloolua Forest along Forest Line Road in Karen, Nairobi, IPR is a biomedical research arm of the National Museums of Kenya and a collaborating centre for the World Health Organisation. Dr Nyachieo, a seasoned biomedical researcher at IPR, says the technology is especially important for young women surviving cancer but losing ovarian function due to toxic cancer treatment.

The Scientists are also looking for ways on how to do the transplants effectively. The Scientists have been upgrading their technology since 2012 when they discovered  PrEP and PEP drugs.

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